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Friends on the Farm


 Selling the finest seafood in the Boston area for almost 25 years.

Wednesdays, 2pm-6pm


Hand sharpening of kitchen knives, garden tools and more.

3rd Tuesday of each month, 2pm

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Labor Day Weekend Hours
Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm
Monday 9am-5pm
Farmstand Feature
This week's Farmstand features are Sweet Favorite & Crimson Sweet Watermelon!

Our fresh watermelon have a sweet, crisp flavor, beautiful red flesh, mouthwatering juicy-ness and just enough seeds for a good-old-fashioned seed spitting contest.  Yum!
Fall Sale Begins 9/5/15

25% off Pottery
25% Trees and Shrubs
20% off 3 or more Perennials
Garden Center Feature
This week's Garden Center feature is chelone, a late season favorite of ours and of our pollinating friends. Plant these beauties in fertile soil with some protection from the hot afternoon sun and watch your garden come alive!  'Hot Lips', featured here, is a cultivar of our native chelone glabra.